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Do you like reading? 


In a focused, timeline-driven way versus countless LinkedIn articles left open and forgotten in a million tabs on your browser? 



Do you run a side hustle?


Are you bootstrapping your own biz?


Maybe you're a few years in and hitting a plateau.


Or you're at the very top where it gets lonely. 

Do you wish you read more?

Better Business Baller Book Club is a place where side hustlers, solopreneurs, CEO's of large companies and people of all walks of life with an entrepreneurial spirit and desire for deeper learning and connection come together. 

We read one business book every two months and meet to discuss it over snacks, heated debate, practical advice, examples and a power point presentation that'll knock your socks off. 

It's a form of concentrated networking with a purpose, introverts and extroverts unite with plenty to talk about beyond the boring what do you do? 


We cover a mix between classics that live on every must-read marketing, sales and copywriting list to new and noteworthy books that are hot off the press. And best of all? Sometimes the authors even video chat in for a LIVE Q&A!!! 

Sketch Arrow 2

Pssst that's the legend Terry O'Reilly 

himself video chatting away at our last club meeting - get in here!

Sign-up below to join - it's free and easy. Anyone can join and start receiving emails on the books we're reading but at this time the club events are held in Calgary, AB.  


Recent Baller Reads:


The Better Business Baller Book Club

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