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What a difference a day (rate) makes...

What are Day Rates all about you ask?



Good question, you’re always one step ahead there.



Day Rates = skip the waitlist line and get deliverables fast. 


The process  breaks down like this:


  • You nab your spot on the Day Rate calendar.


  • And fill out the questionnaire that gets sent your way after confirmation. 


  • On the morning (or day before) of our big day, we hop on a Zoom to go over expectations.  


  • I spend the rest of the time creating the agreed upon deliverables (PDFs, video scripts, landing pages, sales pages, etc.) and they’re delivered to you the next day. 



And then it’s done.



No long waiting periods. No missed sales because you’re scrambling to do it all on your own.



All done at the fraction of the price of booking a full project with me. 



Day rates are for you if… 



  • You’re not ready for a full-blown project - whether it’s time, money, or you’re just feeling stuck and not sure what to do. 


  • You need something done NOW. 


  • You need a fair amount of hand-holding + some high-quality deliverables. 





Day rates are not for you if what you really need is a full, done-for-you project - a website, launch funnel, dictionary length ghostwriting, etc. 



Feeling like this is for you? Click here to schedule.



The questions we cover beforehand, and the word working I do with your answers results in a whole lotta word bank you can spend and spend anywhere words are accepted.  



A full day is better value, but there’s still a lot we can tackle in a half day

NEW: Need fresh eyeballs on something stat?  Let's talk it out. Get brass tacks strategy and optimization in a flash with a WordPlenty POWER HOUR.



Feel free to shoot any questions over to - always here for ya. 



PS: just a hot tip - when selecting a calendar block please keep in mind a typeform questionnaire that takes approx 20 mins to fill out will be required on your end.


Sometimes it takes people a while to fill out all the thoughtful answers - so booking a couple weeks out gives you some time for that homework. 


Day rates are currently 
sold out
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