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Take the intro/ambi/extravert assesment:

What are you?

"positive emotions can expand our behavioural repertoires + heighten intuition and creativity." pg 104

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CLR for calcified behaviour patterns pg. 105

"Declaring an unshakable belief in your inherent awesomeness inflates a sturdy raft that can keep you bobbing in an ocean of rejection." pg 99

"Bob is always finding himself in sticky situations that seem inevitably to call for traditional sales or non-sales selling.


Like all of us, Bob talks to himself. But Bob's self-talk is neither positive nor declarative.


Instead, to move himself and his team, he asks a question: Can we fix it?

Speech Bubble A+
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"I'm a damn good
salesman. You have to keep going. That's it." 

"Each day, when he makes his rounds, Hall confronts what he calls an ocean of rejection. 


Draw a map of the world of selling and the most prominent topographical feature is that deep and menacing ocean. 


Anyone who sells - whether they're trying to convince customers to make a purchase or colleagues to make a change - must contend with wave after wave of rebuffs, refusals, and repudiations."  -  pg 97

"How to stay afloat amid that ocean of rejection is the second essential quality in moving others. I call this quality buoyancy."  pg 97

Are you in sales? Likely yes

Despite thinking the practice is a hot mess

Teachers convincing students

And artisan pickles that taste legit

Worth earning, worth learning, moving someone to say

yes this is it


Entrepreneurship to ed-med

Ding Dong the old sales are dead


Each chapter author Dan P

Cites studies + anecdotes convincing you and me

The business of moving people is innate

Not reserved for slimy lemon hockers we hate


Now information asymmetry is a thing of the past

And it’s seller beware with reviews spreading fast

Caveat emptor to caveat venditor

With consumer info democratized it’s watch out seller


So how to survive faced with an ocean of rejection each day?

Turns out it’s not what you sell as much as what you say

Self-talk with puffed chests and bravado

Will keep your raft of unrelenting awesomeness afloat

But it’s the Bob the Builder type questions that are the real G.O.A.T.


Bye to Baldwin’s definition of selling ABC

Hi Attunement, Buoyancy and Clarity

If we tweak our self-talk

Refine our pitch, walk the walk

Stay golden in that ratio of positivity

Improvise and serve as per Bobby D

If we build it like Bob asking can we fix it?

Empathize like we’re selling to nana and truly give a shit


Then there’s plenty of success ahead

With the re-birth of a salesman not being something to dread

But someone who helps and connects others with great things

To sell is human

All that’s left to do is celebrate the profit it brings

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