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How's your website copy bud? Is your key messaging on point?


Maybe you're not ready to completely gut your site - or you are... but don't know where to start.


Or maybe you've got a drip campaign that's a 'lil leaky and you're not sure where the hole in your bucket is dear Liza. 


That's why taking advantage of this exploding offer is a genius move if you're: 


- not sure what's even broken or how to fix it


- aren't made of money aka experiencing budget restraints/can’t justify the cost of a copywriter 


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What you'll get:


- A Review Video to peruse at your leisure.

Vid includes yours truly putting your site/content asset of choice under a copy microscope, doing live teardowns and edits and offering insights and copy recommendations. (Approx 45 mins - 1 hr recorded)



- 1 key piece of NEW COPY! (or 1 current piece re-written to max out optimization) 



- A 30 min follow up call to review the copy recommendations and answer any questions. *optional 

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