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Get your FREE WordPlenty teardown! 

  • Website Review

  • Landing/Sales Page Review

  • ​​Email Sequence Review

How's your website copy bud? Is your key messaging on point?


Maybe you're not ready to completely gut your site - or you are... but don't know where to start.


Or maybe you've got a drip campaign that's a 'lil leaky and you're not sure where the hole in your bucket is dear Liza. 


That's why taking advantage of this exploding offer is a genius move if you're: 


- not sure what's even broken or how to fix it


- aren't made of money aka experiencing budget restraints/can’t justify the cost of a copywriter 


- a fan of FREE things that help your business

Oh no! Looks like this exploding offer well... exploded. 

Sorry you missed out but the good news is you're automatically on the WordPlenty mailing list which means you won't miss out on any upcoming offers like this one again. 

What you'll get:


- A Review Video to peruse at your leisure.

Vid includes yours truly putting your site/content asset of choice under a copy microscope, doing live teardowns and edits and offering insights and copy recommendations. (Approx 45 mins - 1 hr recorded)



- 1 key piece of NEW COPY! (or 1 current piece re-written to max out optimization) 



- A 30 min follow up call to review the copy recommendations and answer any questions. *optional 

Grab your FREE Review Spot here!

This exploding offer will well... explode and dissapear soon. So click it while ya can man! 
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